Dain Korea - Korean & Japanese food

Shortly after we visited Bento, we noticed that Dain Korea was opening just around the corner on Gloucester Road. Once again this is a place which serves Korean & Japanese food. On Christmas Eve, we found ourselves in search of an early evening meal and at a time when most of this normally busy part of town near The Prince of Wales pub was closed, Dain Korea was open, so in we went. This place has room to seat around 25 people in fairly simple surroundings and is currently a BYO. As there are plenty of places nearby to buy alcohol, this can really help to keep the cost of your meal down.

We explained to the extremely helpful waitress that we were looking to try a selection of dishes and put ourselves in her hands. The menu is wide ranging and after some guidance from our waitress we decided on a selection of starters and side dishes and one main course which was Bibimbap. Bibimbap comes with its ingredients (rice, cooked vegetables and your choice of either meat, prawn or tofu) sizzling away from the heat generated by the piping hot earthenware pot that it is served in. An egg is broken on the top and everything continues to cook as mix things together with some red chilli paste. It’s a delicious an interesting meal, as the textures change whilst you are eating.

So many interesting tastes, textures and smells came our way over the next hour or so. All delightfully described by our wonderfully attentive waitress.

So, Dain Korea is another great addition the food heaven that is Gloucester Road. They are open every day from 11:30 – 11:00 and they also provide a takeaway / home delivery service.

Dain Korea
27 Gloucester Road

0117 942 5714