Aaron Sewards - Toyama watercolours, Here Gallery, Bristol

Aaron Sewards is something of a hero in these parts. Key player at Cafe Kino and Stitch Stitch Records, musician with I Know I have No Collar, wonderful artist and the first man to swim The Atlantic, whilst reading Morrisey's autobiography. Ok, one of those may not be true (yet) but he is one of those people that not only make Bristol a better place but inspires others to do the same.

Currently the excellent Here Gallery and Bookshop (he was a founder member of that as well, I mean seriously, when does this guy sleep?) are holding and exhibition of watercolours painted during a six months stay in Toyama, Japan. We nipped into the shop on a busy Saturday afternoon to take a look.

Rather then being on display in the basement of the gallery, these lovely watercolours are gathered along two walls in the shop. Such is the array of wonderful things that catch your eye in the room, it could be possible to be distracted and miss some of them. The pictures are small and serene, simply framed, so that nothing detracts from their quiet beauty. A variety of everyday street scenes are presented, the lack of people in the pictures, giving the impression of early morning with just a few vehicle heading along the roads.

As with with everything that Aaron turns his hand to, there is much to enjoy in these works.

The exhibition runs to Sat 02/11/13