Bakers & Co - Bristol

Bakers & Co. has been a welcome addition to the plethora of foodie delights on Gloucester Road this year. A bright and cheery establishment that rapidly became a must visit destination. It is only open during the daytime but when a place does breakfast, brunch and lunch as well as these guys do, we figure they deserve to have the evening off.

As with all good places, Bakers & Co changes their menu on a regular basis. So be prepared to wander in and let your taste buds run wild as you peruse the current offerings. On a recent visit I was treated to a wonderful treat from their Brunch menu. Oh and how civilised to find a place where Brunch runs from 9am to 4pm, no need to rush here.

Anyway the dish in question was nutmeg & orange custard toast with bacon, mascarpone & toasted hazelnuts and boy was it good! A fantastic variation on the standard French toast brunch classic, this was a beautifully balanced flavour sensation. The toast itself had a delicious creamy zing to it; the bacon was perfectly cooked, with the generous scoop of mascarpone adding a delicious counterpoint of flavour and texture. It was the first time I have eaten whole, roasted hazelnuts but I certainly don’t think it will be the last.

The staff were also quite happy to create a breakfast from some goodies on the side dish menu. When this arrived it was presented beautifully, looking for all the world like a standard breakfast option. This was all washed down with an extremely good coffee. It’s worth noting that from next year, they will also be serving a range of alcoholic drinks to accompany the food.

The whole menu here is littered with delightful sounding curiosities. The café scene in San Francisco apparently heavily influences the place and it certainly captures the playful individuality and freshness of thought, which the city is famous for.

193 Gloucester Road