David Murray - St Georges, Bristol 16/10/2013

The David Murray Infinity Quartet played an exhilarating set at St Georges this week. Murray looking relaxed and cheerful entranced with a variety of pulsating solos from the melodic to magnificent honking frenzy on his trusty tenor sax. He also bought his famous bass clarinet to town, not an instrument that is often pushed to the fore, Murray though was able to tease some delightful treats from the sonorous beast.

He was backed by a superb band. It was one of those Jazz nights of long solos with the musicians enjoying themselves so much, that on more than one occasion Murray had to tempt them back to the song. No matter, it was a treat to see such a relaxed yet purposeful performance from some of the best in the business. I loved the way Murray wandered around the stage and surrounding area, laughing, encouraging and pushing his musicians along. Rod Williams was wonderfully graceful and inventive on piano, Jaribu Shahid the epitome of the locked in Jazz cat double bass man, and drummer Nasheet Waits was supremely dexterous, subtle and powerful.

As the show glided past the advertised end time, Murray just carried on. Announcing that the concert was over but they would play another song as they were obviously having such a fine time.