Doug & Josie - Let's Go Adventure

Several weeks ago we noticed that the comedian Josie Long would be hosting a night called “Let’s Go Adventure” at our local cinema. This was both interesting and confusing.

Our main exposure to Josie was when she co-hosted a Saturday morning show on 6 Music with Andrew Collins. As well as being funny, she had great taste in music, which made the show an enjoyable listen. What though was she going to be doing at our small cinema, a place with no stage or performance area? Well a bit of research revealed that last year she worked with director Doug King to make two short films – “Let’s Go Swimming” and “Romance and Adventure” and in the way that a band would tour a record, Josie and Doug were taking the films on the road, hence their visit to the badlands of Henleaze.

When we read that part of the film was about the Josie character running away to Glasgow, or as she terms it “The Indie Theme park”, we knew we had to head along to The Orpheus on Friday evening. Glasgow is a place that we love to visit to catch up with so many of our favourite bands, on occasions it has really turned into a wonderful musical theme park. We have wandered around the city bumping into members of Teenage Fanclub and The Pastels at gigs, accidentally going to the cinema with one of Camera Obscura and seeming to be unable to cross the road in the West End of the city, without someone from Belle & Sebastian emerging from a shop in front of us.

The two films are around 20 minutes long and are both wonderfully observed insights into a person going through a time of major change in their life. It’s a change that the person tries to be in control of but with varying degrees of success. This leads to some surprisingly affecting scenes, coupled with some wonderfully funny sections as Josie and Daren (played by Darren Osborne) tentatively start to establish a friendship. Much cafe sitting and Buckfast Tonic Wine drinking ensue as the story opens out with charming results.

In between the two films Josie gave what could be described as a stand-up set, to me though it had the feeling of a lovely chat (albeit one way) with a new friend, as Josie gently ridiculed herself and her own attempt to create a new life for herself.

At the end of “Romance and Adventure” Doug the director and Josie hosted a very entertaining Q&A session, during which we learnt that the very shy Darren Osborne was also in the room. It was pleasing to hear that a third film is in an advanced stage of planning and that that one will be a full-length feature. On the strength of what we saw last night, we look forward to the next stage in the relationship between Josie and Darren.

There are still several tour dates left for the film double act, try to catch it if you can.