Frozy - Lesser Pop

So we’ve been a little slow in telling you about this album. We picked up a vinyl copy all the way back in November last year when Frozy played a particularly lovely gig in dockside setting of the Scout Hut in Bristol. It was a rainy, windy evening and the insistent tapping of the storm on the metal roof of the tiny room added to the cosy glow that Frozy produced.

If you were thinking of putting a band together, and we hope that you are as we’d love to hear what you can do, it may we wise to have the constituent members of your group living a little closer to each other than Frozy do. For most of their existence this three piece have been neatly divided between, New York, (Irina) Amsterdam (Rhiannon) and Brighton (Nicol). We guess that they don’t get to have a band practice every week.

This thirteen-track album only plays for just over 30 minutes but it has more drop-dead gorgeous moments than many recordings that are three times as long. The guitar playing from Nicol and Irina is elegantly uplifting, switching beautifully between swoonsome yet simple melodies and gloriously ragged stompers.

The band is firmly based in the DIY ethic, and the songs are intimate and immediate. You can find traces of the Velvets and The Pastels but also the likes of M. Ward come to mind with some of the beautiful guitar lines where the space between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves.

Stand out tracks for me would be “Ferris Wheel”, “Angela”, “Where are you” and especially the languidly gorgeous “Cardinals” a lost classic if ever there was. There are also some lovely instrumentals (“Ohio” and “Summer and”) where the gentle twang of the guitar would the perfect soundtrack for sitting and staring into the middle distance and lets be honest, few things are better in life than that.

Fortunately for us Frozy appear to consider Bristol their hometown, which almost makes some sort of geographic sense, I guess. Indeed since recording the album, Nicol is now based here. So luckily for us we get to see both Frozy and his other band Palomica when they can be tempted out. In the meantime, head along to the Frozy Bandcamp page where you can listen to and hopefully but the album.