Grad - Work and Play behind the Iron Curtain

Grad – Work and Play behind the Iron Curtain

Back in October 2013 we wrote about our first visit to Grad, a newly opened London venture focusing on Soviet art and design in 20th century. Last weekend we finally made a return trip to what is rapidly becoming one of our must visit destinations when we find ourselves in London.

The current delightful exhibition, which runs until 24th August looks at Soviet design from Revolution to Perestroika. The one room exhibition is full of delights from children’s toys to astoundingly beautiful space age vacuum cleaners and plenty more. There is also plenty of illuminating text to explain the forces that drove the design principles.

The exhibition also features a delicious piece of video, which show Khrushchev and Nixon sparing over who will become the dominant world. Of course both of them found themselves leaving their own dominant roles rather sooner than they wished. As with all the exhibitions at Grad it’s free and well worth your time.