Maira - Turkish Restaurant

Whilst at the counter of the wonderful “International Food Centre” in Fishponds recently, we were tipped off about Maira. It’s a new Turkish restaurant a few doors away at 573 Fishponds Road, as we buy such great food from the store, we thought it was worth taking their advice and paying Maira a visit.

So, on a blazing hot early evening, we left work and made our way to the spacious restaurant. In essence it’s one large room, simply furnished, apart from an extravagant chandelier, with wooden tables and chairs, however if you are like us, you won’t notice this initially. Your eyes will swivel sharply to the right take in the glorious sight of the open kitchen.

Our senses were wonderfully assailed by the sight, smell and sounds coming from the open charcoal grill in front of us. Meat and vegetable sizzled away, the air full of tantalising aromas.

Whilst we pondered the wide choice of options, including yoghurt kebabs as well as the standard variety, soups, stews and Turkish pizzas an enormous platter of food made its way to the table next to us. We quickly decided that one of the special platters was the way to go, good choice!

For £24 we had a huge array of deliciously succulent meat and vegetables placed upon a large bed of rice. We had also ordered some side dishes, which, though delicious, were unnecessary, given the amount and range of dishes that came on the platter.

Included in the price is a great mixed meze selection. A word of praise also for the delicious bread, which is homemade. You may wish to sample a drink called Ayran, which is a yoghurt shake. More intriguing than delicious, it’s a sign of the authentic flavours on offer in this friendly establishment.

Fantastic, freshly cooked food, which left the three of us still licking fingers and lips as we slowly eased away from the table.

Maira is open from 11am to 11pm 7 days a week, so there is no excuse not to pay a visit. There is a large car park to rear of the premises, which is handy as the restaurant is located on a busy main road. Whilst in the area, it’s also worth having a look around the “International Food Centre”

573 Fishponds Road,
BS16 3AF