Math & Physics Club

Math and Physics Club - All the Mains are Down

Thanks to sleepless nights which gave me a good opportunity to trawl the internet for new music, I came across the Math & Physics Club on the Matinée Recordings website. It was the perfect mix of simple, beautiful guitars, gentle vocals and a violin that makes my heart melt. Happy music.

So I was thrilled that, on a trip to New York, I could get to see them not once but twice. I am never sure how popular bands are and they seemed genuinely surprised when we got there early and sneaked into their soundcheck in Brooklyn. But we got chatting and they came to say ‘Hi’ to us the next night after they played.

We were lucky enough to see them again and hang out a bit at Indietracks too and we made sure that we were right at the front when they played.

I carried on buying everything that they released but when “In The Together” came out, I hesitated until we realised that there were tracks that we didn’t have. How surprised was I to turn the CD over to see my husband cheering the band on in the front row at Indietracks! I was there too but my face is a bit obscured. We were thrilled to pieces.

We are now filled with anticipation at news of a new record, “Lived Here Before” to be released in January 2018 on Fika Recordings/Matinée Recordings and dancing around to the new single, “All the Mains are Down”.

I could continue to write gushingly but instead, here is the press release!

Math and Physics Club - All the Mains are Down

First single from the new album out now.

For The Rabbits said:  
"Listening to, All The Mains Are Down, it’s not hard to imagine it coming from a place of rural idyll; lush, jangling guitars are cut through with lackadaisical vocals and latterly a, bright, upbeat flourish of almost barroom piano. As ever with Math and Physics Club, beneath the bright and breezy Real Estate-like guitar work, lurks a darker edge. There’s a sense that Lived Here Before is a darker, more world-weary piece than the band are currently known for, reflective perhaps of the times in which the record was made. If this is the result of the band turning a mirror on the world, then they might just have made their most reflective, intriguing and exciting record yet."
All the Mains are Down
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Math and Physics Club
“Lived Here Before”
12" heavyweight blue vinyl LP / CD / digital download
Fika Recordings / Matinee Recordings
26th January 2018