Palomica - Petito

The recent addition of Nicol Parkinson, to the beautiful musical community, makes up the thriving Bristol DIY indie scene, has been a real joy. We have already written about his work with the fabulous Frozy, and now we are pleased to bring your attention to his solo project "Palomica". 

As well as Frozy and Palomica, Nicol has popped up with the likes of The Nervy Betters, The Middle Ones and Trust Fund amongst others. There are few better feelings than that off going to a gig and finding out that Nicol is going to be on the stage.

"Petito"is the second Palomica album and it's a beautifully wonky treat. Seemingly effortlessly jaunty pop gems rub shoulders with more experimental tricks, always underpinned with the charming guitar playing that makes any time in the company of Nicol a treat.

"Ribbons" starts the album in lively form, this is followed by the title track "Petito" an instrumental with a great little riff which could have come from the Teenage Fanclub catalogue. "Water Walks" is blessed with another uplifting hook and the splendidly melodic yet understated vocals that Nicol brings to so many of the tracks of the record.

Although often beautifully played, the record retains enough jagged moments to keep the listener on their toes. If you enjoy the work of Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Jad Fair and the Tenniscoats, you will find much here to enjoy. 

My personal favourite on the album is the perfect 2 mins 32 seconods of "Honeydew" a duet with an unnamed (on my copy, although I suspect it could be Rose of Oh Peas fame) female, which is pure pop gem.

There is plenty of random chaos on the record as Nicol feels his way through rhythms and melodies, taking the listener of the journey with him. It concludes with a longer piece, ominously called "Big Black Clouds" where his sensitive vocal sets a great counterpoint to the. musical maelstrom that follows.

Petito is released on the excellent Fika Recordings label, and it's been great to hear that the record has already picked up a few plays on 6 Music. The more people that hear this little gem the better.