Rosemarino, Colston Street

The Rosemarino team have been operating very successfully in Clifton for around four years, yet somehow we have never visited. They opened a second operation on Colston Street in Bristol around four months ago and our lunchtime visit this week, made us realise what we have been missing in this brilliant place specialising in rustic Italian cooking.

Rosemarino is open all day, with a range of choices that morph gently through the day. Breakfast turns to brunch, brunch to lunch followed by an afternoon treat and then an evening meal. What a delight it would be, to spend your whole day, slowly working your way through the delicious array of options that they present you with. Having said that I'm not sure if they close between 3 and 6, they were so relaxed that I could imagine them throwing you the keys and asking to "lock up when you've finished."

There were four of us in our party and after much pondering; three went for pork belly with a sumptuous rosemary polenta, the other selected bavette steak with wild mushrooms. To follow we enjoyed a mixture of cheese, Portuguese style custard tart and a delicious lemon polenta cake. The food was simply but beautifully presented letting the flavours weave their magic of us.

The room is bight and welcoming, again perfectly judged simplicity is the key to inviting atmosphere that the Rosemarino provides. A selection of interesting reading material is available, along with free wi-fi and the largest number of sensibly placed power sockets that I have seen. All of which will ensure that nobody is going to run out of power or things to peruse whilst taking their time over their food. It’s that sort of laid back but considerate approach to their customers needs that shows that the staff here want you to relax and enjoy the delightful food that they put before you.

In short it’s a place that offers the simplicity and ease of a café, with the option for superb high-end food served with a smile. Hopefully this place will be just as successful as it’s sister location in Clifton.