The Split Tin Bakery - Redland, Bristol

In Bristol recently it’s been pretty tough to keep up with the huge number of new food outlets opening up. Barely a day goes past without news of a new restaurant, café, bar, baker or deli that simply must be tried. We do our best to keep up, we really do. Plans are hatched, journeys planned and off we go. Fortunately this is often a great experience, sometimes though, you come away with a feeling that your time and money could have been better spent. In the midst of this constant change, it’s good to have your favourites to fall back on.

We are very fortunate to have The Split Tin Bakery in Redland as our local shop. For over twenty years we have been able to easily walk to this brilliant place, push open the door and have our senses delighted by the smells and sights on offer. It’s great to watch as small children point excitedly through the glass fronted display cabinets, as parents desperately try to restrict them to just one choice.

As you would hope there is a nice range of loaves on offer, Wholemeal, Harvester, Spelt, Three Seed (our favourite) and of course the Split Tin that the place takes it name from. They also sell a delicious fruit loaf, which sadly sells out rather quickly on a Saturday morning. Best not forget the nice choice of Bagels and Croissants that they also provide.

In addition to this, there is a terrific selection of Pasty, Pie, French Stick Pizza and Filled Roll options, meaning that it’s always a popular stop for tradesman that are working in the area. Then there are the cakes and what a wonderful selection we have to choose from. This is isn’t the sort of bakery that does fancy patisserie, not that there is anything wrong with that. No, what the split tin provides is hearty, tasty sweet treats. For example, Flapjacks are pretty common in any bakery outlet but the ones on offer here are a wonder. There are four choices – plain, chocolate, fruit and yoghurt coated. These are substantial beasts, which some folk think would best serve two people. Well that could be true but few things beat the glow of contentment that you feel after completing a whole one.

There are of course other treats of the sweet variety, including a couple of different Mince Pie options at this time of year, Easter biscuits and they do a wonderful Lardy Cake, which is the ultimate treat when warmed up on cold day. There is also a large selection of jam, pickles, chutney, eggs, ham, some homegrown vegetables and fantastic Scotch Eggs to make your selection even more difficult.

It’s a great place to pop into on your way to work as it open very early in the morning. It’s a simple, old-fashioned baker that has been serving the area for over 35 years. As food fashions come and go, The Split Tin just carries on producing great food at reasonable prices, every neighbourhood needs one of these.

The Split Tin Bakery
118 Coldharbour Road

As far as we know The Split Tin has no web or twitter site.