The Fauns 4AM

Back in December 2013 whilst praising “Lights” the second album from The Fauns, we made particular mention of the track 4AM. Well eight months later it’s a track that continues to force it’s way to the top of our play lists with regularity.

How wonderful then, to see that Bristol filmmaker Tia Salisbury has created a beautiful new video to go with the song. The film features Kate Elson on a nocturnal wander around Bristol (Gloucester Road if I’m not mistaken), including the traditional sighting of one of the lovely foxes that casually saunter around our city in the evening hours. This is followed by a journey on the often-neglected railway line to Servern Beach, and here Tia pulls off quite a trick, by making the wildly misnamed end of the line look moodily magnificent. Something that any number of disappointed small children over the years will be amazed at!

The muted colours and sombre tone interlock perfectly with the atmospheric vocals from Alison Garner and the understated, yet addictive melody of the song. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for another record from The Fauns.