The Goon Sax - Up To Anything

Back on January 2nd we heard The Goon Sax for the first time, when we came across the delightful track “Sometimes Accidentally”. The video for that song lead us to their video for their song “Boyfriend” and we were soon excitedly tweeting about our new favourite band. When their debut album “Up To Anything” arrived a few weeks ago our hopes were fulfilled. It’s a wonderfully straightforward collection of melodic, funny, touching Aussie indie from this Brisbane based three piece.

It’s impressive to find out that the three band members, Louis Forster, James Harrison and Riley Jones have made such a great album before any of them reached the venerable age of 19. The twelve tracks weigh in at just over 40 minutes, and not a moment of that is wasted. The songs are brief and to the point, packed with more hooks than a fishing tackle shop, they pull you in their world with an apparently effortless swagger.

The lyrics display an honesty and vulnerability that perfect captures the uncertainty of the teenage years that most of us experience. From the potential indignity of having to wear the wrong colour shirt whilst working in a Target store to the eternal dilemma over haircuts, the self depreciating nature of the writing hits the spot every time. Vocally the band sound delightfully world weary and resigned to the torture that life is going to put them through.

Now some of you may already be making a connection in your brain. Forster, that’s not that common a surname, melodic indie with astute lyrics, Australian you say, Brisbane….well isn’t that where Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens was from? Well yes, it’s true, Louis is the son of Robert and these first steps show that he and the rest of the band are well placed to stake their own claim for a place on the map of Aussie music.

There is talk of some UK dates later in the year, lets hope the rumours are true. Until then The Goon Sax have provided us with perfect soundtrack for the summer months. Jaunty yet not sickly sweet, melancholic without being morose, they are welcome addition to the Australian lineage that has produced bands such as The Triffids, The Lucksmiths and more recently The Twerps, along with aforementioned Go-Betweens of course.