The Library - Wine bar

A couple of months ago The Library opened near The Arches on Cheltenham Road. It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane, as it’s a wine bar, I wonder when the last one of those opened in Bristol?

Yesterday evening we popped in to sample their lovely Wednesday early evening offer of two glasses of a very nice Tarabilla Vino Tinto wine with a cheese board for £10. We decided to add a Charcuterie Board to the mix for an additional £6 and came away delighted with our choice.

It’s certainly a place that concentrates on wine but the food on offer was tasty and importantly of a nice quantity. There are a variety of wine related offers during the week, making it a tempting destination for a quick drink. The only danger being that the variety of tastes on offer could lead to the quick drink becoming a long evening, as you attempt to work your way around the wine producing countries of the world.

The space is a simply furnished single room, with a small outside seating area at the rear. Don’t worry if you are not a lover of the grape, there is a selection of bottled beer, lager and cider on offer as well.

So, another interesting addition to food and drink choices in the area around The Arches. No doubt, we shall be back to sample more of their enticing and sensibly priced offerings.