The Settle - Frome

A cup of tea and a piece of cake whilst out and and about is an important part of any afternoon wander. As with any bustling small town, Frome in Somerset has plenty of options to chose from, one of our favourites though is The Settle.

It's located on the quirky, traffic free, Cheap Street, where you have to make sure that aren't too distracted as cross back and forth on this narrow street. If you forget to watch your step, you could end up with a wet foot as a small sunken course of water permanently runs down the hill. Near the top of the hill on the right hand side, you will find The Settle. Hopefully with your socks still dry.

Pop inside and you will see a glass fronted display area, overflowing with homemade sweet delights. Now comes the tricky part as you have to make your choice. On the day of our most recent excursion we eventually picked an iced apple Danish, a treacle tart and a piece of Lemon Marangue that was the size of a small suitcase! Add a pot of of tea for three (with the all important extra pot of hot water) and we had the ingredients for a perfect afternoon break for less that £15.

The Settle also provides breakfast, lunch and evening meal options, which range from Fish Fingers to Pigeon Breast Salad. The decor is simple, no sign of any hipster makeovers here I'm pleased to say. In short it's a perfect place to stop for a while when venturing up and down the hilly streets, which are full of interesting, if pricey second hand shops.

The Settle,
16 Cheap Street,
BA11 1BN