Podcast - This American Life

A couple of years ago, I found a new friend to walk to work with. This friend is the perfect companion, it always has something interesting to say. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it can take a really complicated financial issue and simplify it so that even I can understand it. Sometimes it just smacks you really hard in the heart with an emotional punch that has me fumbling for a tissue before I step into work.

This American Life is a radio show from Chicago, which is available as a free podcast. It’s updated every week and provides a brilliant glimpse into the life of our friends in the USA. Ira Glass is the fantastic host of the show, witty, warm and engaging. He is the perfect guide to the range of stories on offer.

Who knew that I would be fascinated by the intricacies of life in summer camp, 48 hours in a roadside rest stop or 24 hours in a diner? Over 500, hour long shows are available from their website or iTunes and it’s all free!

Jump in.