Trust Fund - "No one's coming for us"

I’ve been meaning to write about the Trust Fund album “No one’s coming for us” for weeks, no make that months. It might be their debut album but in these days of Bandcamp, Soundcloud and the like, well it’s all rather confusing. Well anyway, what we have before us now is a lovely piece of 12” vinyl, beautiful encased in a gatefold sleeve showcasing the delights of the Multi-story car park at Cabot Circus, with 11 tracks that worm their way into your mind.

The Trust Fund live shows feature a revolving cast of players, around Ellis Jones and the album follows the same path. This leads to a variety of sound and pacing from this collection of guitar based songs. If you are looking for slick production, well you are in the wrong the place, as the gloriously clattering opener “Sadness” makes clear. A couple of tracks later though “IDK” takes a very different musical path as Ellis and Roxy Brennan trade lines in a beautifully simple song about moving on. It’s an album that doesn’t plough one furrow and is all the better for it.

Lyrically the overwhelming tone is one of regret and sadness. Conversational and deceptively simple, on the rowdier songs their beauty can’t be overwhelmed by the boisterous playing. Lucky then that a lyric sheet is at hand to reveal the strength of the writing. That opening track “Sadness” end with the line “ Don’t let this sadness become who we are.” The rest of the album finds Trust Fund Working at ways to overcome the issues that surround them.

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They also have a nice line in video’s as seen with the excellent – “Cut Me Out video”