Turin - Departure

If you are anything like most of the population, your last night on holiday can be one of restlessness. If you are departing at any time before midday, the prospect of oversleeping and missing your, plane, train or coach runs through your mind to such a degree that sleep is a lovely but unattainable concept.

Well fortunately we slept well on our final night, I woke at a reasonable time and nipped to the café near the railway station that sold tickets for the bus journey to the airport. Came back to the apartment that he been home for the last week, had the final sweep of the place and then we were squeezing into the cosy lift and heading out for the last time.

We had time for a final breakfast in the corner café and rather delightfully the lady who had been serving us over the last few days, came around the counter to shake our hands and wish us good journey home, when she saw that this time had our suitcases with us. The bus journey was uneventful, retracing the places and landmarks which had seemed so dark and foreboding when we arrived in the stormy city. The airport itself was quiet and in no time at all we were checked in and had moved to departure area. It was here the city had one final game to play on us with regard to search for the perfect view of the mountains.

The area we were waiting in had a partially obscured view towards the north and we had a tantalising but mainly hidden view of the mighty beasts heading upwards. The cloud was high in the sky, there was no heat haze, the conditions were perfect. Yet we found ourselves in a bizarre repeat of our mountain chase in Ivrea. Every access point to that the end of the building was blocked to us, so we had to wait and hope that we would be sitting on the correct side of the plane for the view. Well luckily we were, in fact the first ten minutes of so the flight provided us with glorious views of the craggy, snow covered mountains that protect Turin. We had, finally seen the view we hoped for.

That was it then, the end to our holiday in Turin and what a lovely place it is. A city that offers so many delights yet is not part of the tourist trail that can overwhelm a place. For purely selfish reasons, I hope that this situations remains. It will be nice to visit again and spend time sampling the food wine and culture of this part of Northern Italy, in such a relaxed way.

Thanks to Barbara & Franco for the use of their perfect apartment, which we found via Airbnb.