Two White Cranes - Two White Cranes

If you have attended any gigs from the bands involved with the brilliant Bristol DIY scene over the past few years, there is a fair chance that you will already be familiar with Roxy (for it is she that is Two White Cranes). As well as performing regularly under the name Two White Cranes, you may have seen her as part of bands such as Trust Fund, Grubs and well too many more to list.

This 11 track self released album is the first studio disc under the Two White Cranes name, although, rather unexpectedly, if you visit the TWC Bandcamp page you can find a live album recorded in Japan. That’s one in the eye for those that accuse DIY musicians of never leaving their bedroom!

Roxy is blessed with a voice that can be beautifully bold and touchingly tender. Importantly she also has a wonderful way with melodies, weaving apparently effortless and timeless tunes around the carefully considered words.

Roxy herself plays virtually all the instruments on the record. Her guitar playing can be stridently staccato one minute then lovingly lyrical the next. The songs are packed with great hooks, which build through an astute use of repetition, both musical and vocal. Most of all though it’s a record that sounds very personal, not written to follow a formula or a pattern. It’s this, which makes for such an entrancing listen.

Spending 33 minutes in the company of Two White Cranes would be a very good use of your time.

Roxy is selling CDs of the album at her live shows, if you can’t get to one of those, you can download it, on a pay what you wish basis, via this page:

Picture by Grace Denton